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 Erin Genia arranges 5 pieces of pottery on a fabric stand, under a spotlight

Spotlight: Jan 29, 2023

“Indigenous philosophies, and Dakota philosophy in particular, [are] not well known or understood,” says multimedia artist Erin Genia SM ’19. “When I have the opportunity to talk to people about it through my artwork, I see that light bulb come on.” Watch video

Jan 29, 2023

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Tamara Broderick stands outside the Stata Center and its reflective fa?ade fills the background. Her reflection spreads dramatically across the photo.

When making predictions based on data, not all modeling techniques work equally well for all datasets. A new measure “provides some statistical ‘oomph’” to help data scientists choose the best method for their task, says Tamara Broderick, whose team developed the tool.

5 people pose for group photo on the slopes

Via @mitskiteam on Instagram: “First race of the season at Proctor … congrats Liva, Eliza, and Andrew!!”

Hyperreal illustration of Isma Benattia on yellow background

Amgen vice president Isma Benattia MBA ’18 says listening is one of the best skills to bring to challenging projects. “Be cognizant and do not assume that your ideas — no matter how good you think they are — are going to be their solution,” she says.

Techy origami-style figure, like a crane, with purple overlay

National Geographic reported on uses of origami in robotics, medicine, and space exploration, noting that Daniela Rus has developed a robot that can fold to fit inside a pill capsule, while Erik Demaine has designed complex, curving fold patterns.

Ji kneels near fish tanks filled with starfish and algae. Many black cables emerge from the tanks.

On top of writing award-winning poetry, senior Catherine Ji has conducted research, performed a cappella, co-led student advocacy efforts, and served as a teaching assistant and mentor. “There are just too many cool things to do here, and never enough time,” she says.

MIT hockey player in rink holds a small black device

Thanks to Bill Near ’10, MEng ’12, athletes can chart their speed, agility, and balance using a performance sensor. “If you’re tracking your development in these criteria, you’re more likely to reach your maximal potential as an athlete,” he says.

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